Iain Cooke is an exceptional music supervisor. He not only was able to get songs licensed that we thought were impossible to get, but his suggestions for alternatives were incredible and fit the scenes perfectly. He's also the nicest guy you'll ever meet, so that's grand.

Gareth C. Scales, Editor

Iain has impeccable musical taste and a vast knowledge across so many genres and periods of music. He's smart, quick, collaborative, passionate, tenacious - totally invaluable to any production - and a top fella to boot!

China Moo-Young, Director

Iain has a supreme knowledge of music across all genres and is enormously intuitive when it comes to marrying commercial tracks with pictures. His creative spin is matched by his understanding of the business side of things and he is capable of clearing tracks where others have failed. In my opinion, he's the best I've worked with.

Farren Blackburn, Director

The reason I work with Iain is cross genre and cross era. He is intuitive, positive and creative. not in any order; remarkable in all. He has an ability to absorb a script and suggest options which come from a deep rooted knowledge of music reference and dramatic intent. There is no one better.

Grainne Marmion, Producer

I have had the distinct pleasure of scoring over 10 hrs of contemporary drama with the aid of Cookie and his wonderful tunes. A calm and creative force in the edit, he has the marvellous ability of correctly gauging the temperature of the room and reacting in a manner suitable to the (often fraught and frayed) egos it contains, keeping music fun and delightful into the wee hours and taking in stride the eleventh hour just change it note which would make lesser men weep.

Lois Bygrave, Editor

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Iain Cooke on Hit & Miss. He completely understood the tone of the series and also really grasped what it was I wanted the music to do at specific points. He made some great suggestions which worked perfectly for the show. He has a broad knowledge of music styles and also managed to get some fantastic deals for us. I would recommend him to anyone as an excellent music supervisor.

Sheree Folkson, Director